What you need to know about hiring a freelance copywriter

Where are you at?

Copy jobs have different needs and ways ‘in’. So let’s treat this page as a choose-your-own-adventure. Jump in wherever you need.

What kind of people or departments work with Lisa?

Marketers, digital people, UX and graphic designers, product managers, legal departments, designers, customer services, researchers and then a few others who many never have worked with a writer before.

How do I explain what I need?

Drop me an email or let’s have a phone call. You might already have completed a brief, or I can send you a WORDS for things template. We can also talk through it together, if that’s easier for you.

How does Lisa learn about my business?

I listen to you. I ask questions. I read your marketing and customer comms, sniff around on social media to see what your customers have to say. I ask for juicy reading like research and brand guides, I listen in on customer calls (with your permission), and talk to your customer care people. I strategise and make a plan for success.

What will it cost to work with Lisa?

Once I understand your needs, I’ll prepare a project-based quote for it. Some ballparks for you (ex GST):

Email or letter – from $250
Social post series – from $300
Simple website – from $1,500
Sales page – from $1,000

What do I get for that money?

This varies depending on the complexity of the brief. I include an itemised list in the quote so you know exactly what you’re getting:

  1. Briefing
  2. Scheduling
  3. Research
  4. Skeleton deck and/or tonal test
  5. Draft copy – typically with a few directions for headlines and subject lines
  6. Conceptual direction (if it needs it)
  7. Presentation via Zoom (if it needs it)
  8. Feedback session via Zoom (if it needs it)
  9. Up to two revision rounds

What happens when I get the first draft?

I send it to you on the deadline day in a Word document.
I’ll need your feedback on things like:

  1. Does it meet the brief?
  2. Does it make sense?
  3. Is it consistent with the brand?
  4. Are all the facts correct?
  5. Are there any questions for you to answer?

How do I give feedback?

Together we find the best creative solution for you. This could (and generally will) take more than one round.
Think about:

  1. Does it meet the brief?
  2. Does it make sense?
  3. Is it consistent with the brand?
  4. Are all the facts correct?
  5. Are there any questions for you to answer?

Next, sleep on it, and:

  1. Complete the feedback box on the cover page of the copy deck
  2. Mark up the document with track changes (if it needs it)
  3. Schedule a Zoom if you need to discuss it, or send the document through via email
  4. Then Lisa will schedule amends for you

Can Lisa help with my legal and product teams?

Absolutely. I can chat with your legal and product teams or liaise via email to help you negotiate on curly copy challenges and refine the messaging. It’s got to be on brief, great to read AND legally compliant, right?

The other thing worth noting is that I can train them in your brand voice, which can save you from having the same conversation over and again about why customers need the message delivered just so.

Does Lisa do design?

I do a splash of UX because I have a solid digital background in UX/IA and web project management, but design is not my zone of genius. Lucky for you, copy is!

I do have some very excellent design and art direction connections, if you’re looking.

Can Lisa work with my other suppliers?

Yes, I can work with all sorts of related people including designers, art directors, creative directors, web builders, brand strategists, video editors and project managers.

Collaborating with Lisa is a masterclass in understanding your customers. Her ability to bring these insights to life for others is invaluable.

Ben ShuarSenior Designer, Ben Shuar Design